can anyone here read korean?

So, Korean looks pretty hard, but it’s actually quite simple once you break it down. Are you ready to find out how?

그래서한국말은꽤힘들어보이지만일단분 해하면 아주 간단합니다. 방법을 찾을 준비가 되셨습니까?

There are 11 main letters to remember.

Here they are. nine consonants and two vowels. Go ahead, I’ll give you all time to get acquainted.
You can remember the sounds based on what they look like.
Each syllable is squished into one block. Each block must have one consonant and one vowel.

If you don’t need a consonant, you just use “nothing” as a placeholder.
You can always add an extra consonant at the bottom.

Feel free, don’t be shy.
The Notch.

Alright, it’s going to get harder. Ready? If you add a little notch to some of the letters, you can change the sound they make.
With vowels, the sound depends on where the notch is placed.
Doubling up.

If you double up a consonant, just stress the sound.
If you double up vowels, you just blend the two sounds. Usually it just sounds like you added a “W”.
If you double up a notch, it just adds a “Y” sound.
So yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Now go and test out your new-found skills by deciphering the Korean at the top of the page. Or try reading the packaging next time you’re making Shin Ramyun noodles. What’s that? You want to be able to understand Korean too? Oh, I’m sorry, this is only a guide for how to read Korean. Learning how to understand is a lot more complex, and you can learn right now with this audio CD available on some TV shopping channel for only nineteen-ninety five! Plus forty-five for shipping. Just kidding. Who still uses CDs?
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