What is Fight Club about? It’s just about a group of angry shirtless guys who form some sort of boxing club where they beat each other up, right?

Right. Yes. That is what happens in the movie, but that’s not all there is to it. It’s kind of like saying that the whole point of Breaking Bad was Walter White trying to make as much meth as possible, or that the point of Mad Men was Don Draper driving around, smoking cigarettes and acting like a cool guy for seven seasons.

There’s a lot more to Fight Club than just fighting. Take a fun, adventurous plot and mix in a lot of witty, clever dialogue. Pour in a bit of dark humour and sprinkle on some social commentary to top it all off. This is Fight Club, and it’s really the kind of film that you can either love to death or hate to bits.

What’s so fun about this movie? Well, first and foremost, the plot twist at the end.

We follow the Narrator (Edward Norton), an archetypal middle-aged man living in the late ‘90s, working a dull office job and living a hollow, empty existence without really realising the full extent of his misery. He has insomnia. He buys IKEA furniture to make himself feel better and more complete. He thinks he can fill the void of his lonely, depressive existence by being “the by-product of a lifestyle obsession” which ultimately just makes him even emptier and more emotionally troubled with a sick sense of helplessness and desperation at the same time. Unable to do anything to change his life. Stuck in his ways until the day he dies.

This is until he meets Tyler.

Tyler (Brad Pitt) is different. He is eccentric, charismatic, slick, smart and — most importantly — “free in all the ways that the Narrator is not”. The Narrator and Tyler get into some shenanigans and the Narrator discovers a lot about himself that he never, ever expected.

This movie takes you along this winding road, with every step of the journey reeling you in further and further with its themes of capitalism, consumerism, masculinity, freedom, fascism and a nice little bit of existentialism. You follow along with the Narrator and Tyler, watching the chemistry between them build and build and, in the end, get the rug pulled out from beneath you as the walls shatter and you realise what you were actually watching wasn’t as it seemed. I mean, isn’t that what a plot twist basically is? 

This is all I can say about Fight Club without giving too much away. Because I want to give you enough so you can go and watch the movie yourself — if you haven’t already. Or maybe, I’ve seen this movie way too many times and now this is just me projecting my feelings onto you. But, come on. I always do that. You should have seen this coming — unlike Fight Club’s plot twist.

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