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YouTube has a lot of amazing content. And some of this content didn’t really fit into the Subjectively Shortlisted for this issue, so I’ve made this separate list of YouTube videos that are worth talking about. Think of this as a kind of “honourable mentions” for YouTube.

Ringing People in GeoGuessr

Darcy Ahrns


Another fun YouTuber with generally fun sense of humour and engaging content. This video was one of the first I watched from Darcy — who is from Australia — and in this particular video he plays the “Australian Cities” edition of the online street view guessing game GeoGuessr. And it’s quite fun to watch.

When the Controller Dies from the NPC's Perspective

Joel Haver


This channel is one that I discovered recently and I especially like the animation videos with the trippy, glitchy style and the satirical comedy.

Absolute Mad Lads - Uday Hussein

Count Dankula


The horrific story of Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday Hussein as told by Count Dankula, who also tells other similarly dark, jaw-dropping and unbelievably insane true stories in his “Absolute Mad Lads” series.

Breaking Bad The Sitcom Part 9

Kwality Kontrol


There are a few of these Breaking-Bad-sitcom edits out there, but this one is my favourite. It features the scene where Walter goes to Ted’s office to confront him and attempts to smash his window with a large potted plant. Huh, it even sounds like a sitcom bit when I say it out loud.

Meet Tungrus and His Pet Chicken From Hell

The New York Times


This short… documentary, I guess? I’m not sure what exactly to call it, but was about a family in India that adopt a rooster as a pet and although are sick and tired of it, find it hard to get rid of it. This video is interesting and also kind of funny at the same time in that the people in the video are annoyed and frustrated at their situation but also kind of laughing about it at the same time. A bit of a dark ending though.

How This Guy Folds and Flies World Record Paper Airplanes



Wired makes some pretty solid YouTube content, and odds are you’ve probably already come across their “Autocomplete Interviews” and “Breaking Down Iconic Characters” videos featuring various celebrities and Hollywood people. This video is something a lot more simple: a man by the name of John Collins makes remarkably amazing paper airplanes that break world records and fly incredibly — like one of his planes looks and flies like a bat. Yeah, seriously. I was really impressed with how something so simple like a paper airplane can become so intricate and exceptional, just by a bit of folding and technique. And Collins actually teaches you in the video how to fold and make his record-breaking airplane, so you get a two-for-the-price-of-one with this video.

The Every Day Housewife

Caroline Konstnar


This video is a hilarious fake commercial/PSA-type parody of housewives in the ‘50s and ‘60s and isn’t really supposed to be taken too seriously, I think.

every episode of The Office



This is a must-watch parody for all fans of The Office (the US version). If you like the show, just check out this video. As well as anthpo’s other parody-style content.

When the hero is just as smart as villain.



A smart and funny skit by content creator CalebCity. If you’ve never watched any of his stuff, his short skits have a relatable, low-budget type approach including this one which is a parody of sorts about hero vs. villain scenes in movies and shows.

The english language is a giant meme..



Fast paced, stylised and interesting content is always something that I enjoy watching. This channel usually has such content, however this video is probably my favourite from Aperture’s uploads.

Everything Wrong With Avatar In 4 Minutes Or Less



This channel is full of videos that nitpick various movies and count out the number of “sins” — or mistakes — that the movies have. I prefer the channel’s older (shorter) stuff, such as this one which points out the mistakes in Avatar.

World’s Most Expensive vs Cheapest Toaster

Unbox Therapy


This channel is mostly famous for their iPhone 6 “Bendgate” video back in late 2014, but I watch this channel for the strange and creative products and gadgets they often feature. One of such products is the “world’s most expensive toaster” which — yeah, really — is pretty fun to watch along with some of Unbox Therapy’s other videos like when they test a $4 smartphone, a cup that’s designed so that it can’t be knocked over or when they feature something overly expensive like the $3,000 Bluetooth speaker.

Celebrity Nano-Impressions with Ross Marquand

Vanity Fair


I am blown away by this guy, Ross Marquand, who does exceptionally amazing nano-impressions of well-known celebrities as featured by Vanity Fair.

This Is The Greatest Bank Heist in Chinese History

Kento Bento


The true story of a rather unusual bank heist in China as told by Kento Bento that was an inside job and had a bit of a tragic ending for those involved.

Coldplay's Game of Thrones: The Musical



Game of Thrones may be dead to me after its tragic ending, but this video by Coldplay (yes, the band) is a hilarious take on what Game of Thrones would have looked like if it had been made into a musical. Maybe the ending would have been better had it been real.

What if Wes Anderson Directed X-Men?

Patrick (H) Willems


I really love parody and satire-type humour and, seeing as Wes Anderson is one of my favourite filmmakers, I really love this video as it pays an homage to Wes Anderson’s signature style with the perfectly symmetrical, pastel-coloured, ‘60s soundtracked aesthetic.

My Heart Will Go On - Recorder By Candlelight

Matt Mulholland


I told myself that I would resist the urge to include memes in this list, but I think one meme wouldn’t hurt. And one of the best ones, at that.

"Shia LaBeouf" Live



I watched this one for the first time back in 2014 or 2015 (I think it went viral or a bit) and I found it absolutely hilarious to me the first time I watched it. And now, many viewings later, it still is. Featuring over-the-top, silly humour, a choir and an orchestra, dancers and, of course, Shia LaBeouf himself (although is that actually him in the video or is that a deepfake or something?) this video will be a memorable piece of content for you. Well, it was for me anyway.

NO. 4


You’ve surely seen these before. These clichés from movies and shows are definitely, definitely consistent.